Montessori Boutique was established in 2004, full of fresh ideas to help schools attain their teaching goals, making their job easier with the help of our language products. All of our products are designed by a Certified Montessori Guide, and developed in conjunction with a Graphic Designer to bring a professional finish product to schools and children.

Language Cards

Our Language Cards are well suited for Montessori Environments.  They are clear, realistic, and with understandable photographs of isolated images.  All of our Language Cards have a color coded frame that makes learning easy and fun. Our cards are ergonomically correct for little hands; they feel comfortable while working with them. We have most of our language cards in English, Spanish and bilingual (English/Spanish).


Montessori Boutique materials are of the highest quality.  All our cards and booklets are UV coated, giving the paper a brilliant finish while protecting it from humidity and friction.  Cards are digitally printed on a firm 12-point card stock paper.


Our objects sets can be purchase with 3-Part Cards or with Matching Cards.  The photo cards have the image of the isolated object to match to the size of the actual objects. 


Lifecycle Packet includes objects representative of each phase of the subject lifecycle.  Each object has a complementing matching card.  A control card illustrates the phases of the lifecycle and a working lifecycle card is included for children to match object and/or labels. 


Lifecycles available: ant, butterfly, chicken,  frog, honey bee, ladybug, luna moth, plant, sea turtle and mosquito.

Fabric pouches

We make fabric folders for each language set with prints according to the subject that are eye catching and easy to handle.


Enjoy our products and remember that we have our products in English or Spanish and bilingual (English/Spanish).  We also offer FREE SHIPPING to the continental U.S. for orders over $150.00.  Please visit our website frequently as we are always creating new and exciting materials.



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