About Me

Dear Guides:


My name is Norma Chang I graduated in 2000 as a Primary Guide from Montessori Institute Of San Diego (MISD), my experience as a guide consists of: Casa de niños Montessori, Tijuana; Saint Alcuin Montessori School, Dallas, TX and launching New Beginners Montessori, Tijuana, at the moment I am part of Kid Ventures Montessori Academy as Director, and as Montessori Specialist, giving work-shops to community schools in my area.


I have over eighteen years of experience as a Montessori Guide and more than twenty-five years of experience as a teacher. I also have a Graphic Designer Degree from Southwestern College, Chula Vista, CA. 


Currently I’m combining my two careers to bring you Montessori Boutique that specializes in language materials.  At Montessori Boutique we cater to your needs and are always open to any special work requests.


Our materials are of the highest quality, all our cards and booklets 5mm laminated. Our cards are digitally printed in firm 12 point card stock paper. 


With my husband's help, we have been going to the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Conferences for years.  We attend a couple of different Montessori Conferences a year.  We love meeting Montessori Guides face to face and getting feedback to improve or create new products.                                                                                          2018


I would like the opportunity to service you and your school with our material; I know it would be of great use to your school and children.

My Mother Esther is the artist in charge of all the Fabric Pouches, she is a great contributor to our family company and she always has new ideas for our products to look great.  She makes every pouch with dedication and passion, paying attention to make them beautiful.


Every new pouch design is revised by Montessori Guides in actual classrooms to see if they are functional in the environment with the children.