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Fiction books are arranged as follows:

  • Los Primerisimos (The very first ones) Preschool:
    • A narrative children's books collection compose by pretty well color illustrated pages, for little ones that starts to read alone or accompanied, with short texts and imaginative stories to discover and understand the world. Created to stimulate the early stages of the reader development inside and outside the classroom, the books meet suggestive graphic and literary proposals from the best authors and illustrators national and international, that offers different and enriching views for an effective and cognitive construction.
  • Aprendiendo a Leer (Learning to read) 1st and 2nd Grade:
    • Short stories, intended for children who will become acquainted with the alphabet and that are already able to enjoy a narrative. They are also aimed for children who are fortunate enough to have someone adult who likes reading aloud. In order to expand the narrative possibilities through the image, these books are richly illustrated.
  • Empezando a Leer (Starting to read) 3rd and 4th Grade:
    • Stories with more narrative, but also brief and well illustrated. This level is designed for children who can already read on their own. It has a large dose of humor, fantasy, and everyday problems with which children can identify. The design of the books enables easy to read, that there may also be accompanied by an adult.
  • Mas especiales de A la Orilla del Viento (Special Edition Picture Books):
    • For Toddlers
    • For Preschoolers
    • For everyone
  • Tucanto (Books with CDs and songs):
  • Clasicos (Classics):
    • Throughout history, man has created, heard and narrated stories that conforms the heritage of oral and written literature. This collection brings together the best of the world literature, and proposes a re-reading of the classics through a counterpoint between artwork and storytelling giving them a fresh look and unexpected stories.
  • Buenos Lectores (Good readers) 5th to 6th Grade:
    • Books at this level constitute a collection rich and varied for boys and girls who will find their favorite book here. As well that they will discover and enjoy new genres - humor, adventures, love, suspense, fantasy and history- and various subjects such as the family, human relations and emotions.
  • Grandes Lectores (Great readers) Jr. High School:
    • A rich and varied collection that stimulates both the intelligence and sensitivity of the great readers and those who want to become. Exploring the diversity of genres and themes, it addresses all types of geography, historical events, feelings and youth issues and the human condition in general. Further proof that there are no boundaries for good literature.