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Non-Fiction books are arranged as follows:


  • Ojitos Pajaritos (Birdie eyes):
    • This collection is designed for preschool children who begin to discover the world that surrounds them. The format and concept of the collection are aimed at stimulating curiosity of children, so that they participate actively in the reading of the images and information that accompanies them, even when they cannot read. Each book creates a game of discoveries through tabs or flips. The child guesses in a lucid way, from a family environment and everyday life, what is under the fold of the sheet. These are books that invite children to observe more closely what they already know and to be surprised with new details.
  • Ciencia (Science):
    • This collection of picture books promotes in children and young people interests in those materials which, by its degree of complexity, can be considered distant to them. All the books expand their horizons to introduce them to the logic, the resolution of mathematical problems, the gaze of the scientists to the world and its way of responding to its enigmas. Clear texts and beautiful illustrations make up a different way to present information that will take the readers to discover and interpret for themselves the reality that surrounds them.